The Skill of physical prowess. Ninja use Athletics to run, jump and climb. Athletics commonly forms combos with:

  • +Might to lift heavy objects or win contests of strength.
  • +Perform to roll and tumble acrobatically.
  • +Speed to dodge attacks or outrun an opponent.

Failing an Athletics check could mean the ninja did not
achieve the physical feat they attempted, but could also
mean something else:

  • Become exhausted (suffer a -1 Athletics until the ninja
    can eat and rest).
  • Suffer 1 physical damage or mental damage.
  • Suffer a Pain 1 Condition (pg. 152).

On a Critical Failure the ninja doesn’t achieve the attempted
feat, and must choose:

  • The ninja is injured (unable to combo with Athletics until healed with Holistics) or the feat is blocked, and cannot be attempted
    again until conditions change.

Common or useful Boosts include:

  • Heightened Effect: The ninja gains a free Sprint/Rush
    or Find Cover.
  • Style: An opponent is so shocked by the amazing feat
    they lose -2 initiative.
  • Streak Bonus: Gain momentum for attacks, dodges or


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